Advance Gum Treatment

Advance Gum Treatment


Advanced gum diseases are increasing these days due to bad brushing habits, lack of oral irrigation and flossing, and overall dental care. The severity of the disease progresses from slight inflammation to advanced gum diseases. It is critical to treat gum disease(s) as soon as possible. If it progresses to an advanced condition (Periodontitis), chances are you face serious complications.
“Advanced Gum Disease Treatment” Tetracycline tops the list and is commonly used for treating inflammation. It is also very effective in the case of bacterial infections to inhibit the growth of bacteria. Elizol is another antibiotic in the form of a gel and can be applied to the gums directly. It comprises of metronidazole that is very useful for the elimination of bacteria and parasites in the gums. PerioChip, in fact, comes in the form of a chip which can be placed in a gum pocket, and it releases chlorhexidine slowly. It acts as a powerful antiseptic.

  • Complete scaling and rest planning

  • Full mouth disinfection

  • Gummy smile treatment

  • Smile designing

  • Removal of pigmented gums

  • Removal of smoke stains